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4 BIG reasons to rent your next excavator

29 Jun 2021 Hits: 860


When should you rent an excavator? What are the benefits? How do you go about doing it?

Every day question when you are planning your fleet for the next project.

So we have summarised 4 main reasons and benefits of renting your next excavator with TSL!

Before we proceed, the very very first question you need to ask yourself is..


What is the expected operating profile like for your excavator?

How many hours will you be running this excavator in the next 12 months?

If your answer is probably less than 2000 hrs, then it might make more economical sense to rent an excavator from TSL.


Reason #1 - You dont need to own an excavator

If you rent an excavator, it means that you will not need to own one. With a yearly operation of less than 2000hrs, you are probably operating about 11 hrs for 6 months. For the other 6 months, you will not have any work for the excavator and you will have to keep it somewhere. But as well all know, Singapore land is general small and expensive. 

Apart from finding a temporary home for the excavators, you will also need to ensure that the excavator is well maintained. Parts purchase and storage is required and you will also need to train up a team of technicians who are familiar with the excavator. 

Unfortunately, with the scarce land and lack of manpower in Singapore, it is not always feasible to keep a big machine that will not be used for the next 6 months at least. 


Reason #2 - You dont need to maintain your own excavator

As mentioned earlier, maintaining your own excavator will require you to store parts and have a team of technicians. It might not make much sense at all!

Before you collect your rental excavator from TSL, we will complete all the required repairs. This will ensure that you rental excavator does not face any issues! 

Even if you do experience any technical issues during your rental period, you can always drop us a call at 7000 736 8228 (Singapore only). This is our hotline for all rental excavators and machines. Our technician will respond to your request and assist you with your rental excavator.

We also use genuine Cat parts for all our repairs to ensure that the rental excavator maintains its durability and reliability. 

Renting an excavator doesnt mean you will get lower quality of excavator!


Reason #3 - You get to use a newer Excavator models

We don't believe that you should be short changed when you rent an excavator: TSL's fleet for rental excavators are usually below 5 years young!

There are so many benefits with using newer excavator models!

For a start you will get to use experience the latest Cat excavator technologies. These technologies will help you to save time and save fuel! Depending on which model you choose, your rental excavator might even come with technologies that increase your overall productivity - 2D Grade, eFence etc. 


Reason #4 - Live operations update

If you rent an excavator from TSL, you will be given access to view your fleet in operation live from our designated portal - In this portal, you can view things like the location, engine run hours, daily record of the engine hours, fault codes and fuel consumption. All the information are within your fingertips any time. No need to wait for TSL to churn out reports for you. 


There are just so many benefits when you rent an excavator from TSL. 


You can find our list of machines that are available for rental here (