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Tractors Singapore galvanizes support of sister companies for corporate social responsibility

31 Dec 2019 Hits: 1880


APSN Centre for Adults with corporate supporters Tractors Singapore, Mecomb Singapore and FG Wilson Asia (Photo: Tractors Singapore)


In 4Q2019, Tractors Singapore held an internal fundraising drive along with sister companies Mecomb Singapore Limited and FG Wilson Asia Pte Ltd, featuring delicious cookies baked by the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)’s Centre for Adults (CFA). APSN CFA is a social service agency that provides education, vocational skills training and employment support to people with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70) aged 16 years and above.

APSN CFA houses the Bakery Enterprise, where cookies are baked fresh. Baking cookies for sale allows APSN trainees to hone their skills, earn an allowance and facilitate their inclusion into mainstream society and employment.

To top it off, every bag of cookies sold by Tractors Singapore’s CSR Committee included a “goodwill profit” that went to Assisi Hospice, a charity that provides quality palliative care for patients regardless of race, religion and ability to pay.

Therefore, each bag of cookies sold helped two charities, multiplying the effect of the companies’ CSR.

With encouraging response from both sister companies, the combined order for 4Q2019 was the highest that Tractors Singapore has ever placed with APSN.