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Fuel Efficiency of Cat 336GC

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The Next Generation Cat® 336GC Excavator was launched in 2019, and since then, it has been deployed at various job sites around Singapore. In the last few months, a Cat Excavator owner deployed the 336GC Excavator for land preparation works for a new factory site at the east part of Singapore. These involve earth moving, levelling and compaction activities.

To compare the fuel efficiency of the Next Generation Cat® 336GC Excavator, the owner also deployed a Cat® 336D2L Excavator to work con-currently at the same site. Both excavators were installed with the same bucket size of 1.88m3.

The excavators each worked 6 days per week with an average run time of 7.1 hours for 3 months. Each excavator clocked a total of 656 engine hours, including idle time of 168 engine hours (25.6% of total hours).

Despite 336GC Excavator having a smaller engine and fuel tank as compared to Cat® 336D2L Excavator, the output capacity was similar. This meant that there was significant fuel savings with the Cat® 336GC . With fuel prices on the rise, the Cat® 336GC can offer huge cost savings and more potential profits for operators during the excavator’s life cycle.

At the end of the 3 months operations, 336GC has helped the owner saved a total of S$14,064 of fuel!

To increase the confidence on the fuel consumption of the 336GC, Cat also launched a Fuel Guarantee Programme. Based on the tfuel guarantee programme, the 336GC is expected to use about 25L of fuel per hour. You can click here to find out how you can enjoy these benefits when you purchase a 336GC. Terms & conditions apply. 

Fuel savings comparison of 336GC and 336D2L

Engine Model

(7.1L displacement)

(8.8L Displacement)
Fuel Tank Size 600L 620L
Average Fuel Consumption  20.94L/Hr 31L/Hr
3 month fuel consumption 13,745L 40,697L

Cost (@ S$2.13/L)



Total Cost Savings
(over 3 months)