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Reverse Fan: Most important for quick engine maintenance

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Reverse Fan? For?

The engine is the heart of your machine. Without engine, your machine will be a piece of metal that cannot do much. It is, therefore, important to keep your heart healthy and clean! 

One of the ways to maintain your engine's top function is to ensure that it is properly cooled. In land based applications like excavators, heat is expelled out of the engine via the radiator. However, at a job site with a lot of fine dust, and these get stuck on very easily on your radiators.

 Radiator 01

Unfortunately, the engine cant "heal" itself like a human body.  So, in the Next Generation of Excavtors (Standard & GC), Caterpillar added a very simple feature to help you maintain the heart of your excavator - Reverse Fan

The idea of the reverse fan is to blow out all the dust that stuck on the radiator. This allows better air flow and therefore, more efficient cooling of your engine. 

Cool! How does it work?

Activating the reverse fan is as easy as it can get.

Automatic way:

Before TSL delivers the machine to you, we have set the default interval to activate the reverse fan is every 120min.

Manual way:

If you want to activate the reverse fan on demand, you just need to go to the "Manual Reverse Fan" setting on your machine. You can even set the duration the fan run in reverse direction as well. We have also prepared a video below to show you how you can get there on your excavator. 


The reverse fan is available the following models:


As a Standard Feature: 320, 320GC, 374F L, 395

As a Top Up Feature: 336, 336GC, 345GC

Wheel Loader (As a top up feature): 966GC