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TSL Warehouse team celebrates 3rd 365-Accident Free Days

30 Oct 2019 Hits: 2788


Safety is a priority in Tractors Singapore Limited (TSL), and the Warehouse team at TSL further highlight this priority by counting the number of accident free days at their Warehouse. The team is proud to share that this is their 3rd year of 365-Accident Free Days since they started counting in December 2015.

To meet this target, the Warehouse team understood that a different approach is required on top of the activities that have been done in TSL. A wide range of safety activities was designed to engage the team. One of the most important and useful discussion the team conduct during daily morning toolbox meeting was “Right-To-Start”. During these discussions, the managers will do a safety sharing based on the incident notifications shared regularly by the Safety & Sustainability Department. This allows the team to gain more exposure to different types of potential hazards. The team will also talk about what they can do to prevent the similar incidents from happening to them.  

A pocket sized cards of Sime Darby Industrial’s 10 Life Saving Commitments is also distributed to the team, and everyone has to keep this card with them at all times. The team is expected to refer to the card when situation arise. This has helped to reduce any safety doubts and also build a sense of responsibility – you are capable to be in charge of your own safety and for those around you.

Kudos to the Warehouse team! To many more 365-accident free days to come!

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